Death Personified

Walking alone is better, 
Than being trapped in the iron vice of dark, 
To feel nothing, 
Except perhaps the rabid, smelling, dank beast of Cold,
Its poison dripping tongue rolling up and down my body,
Like its deranged, grotesque and fowl monstrosity of a being owns me.
My soul has now turned, 
To watch the dark. 
To watch the writhing and contorting shapes of angels,
Who fell to the excruciating fires of Hell,
Who were burnt to ashes by my blood-scorching eyes.
I have become a monster,
Living in neither day,
Nor night.
But in Death. 
Lovely Death,
My Savior, 
My Love,
My Monster.

-Luna :X
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Never Going Back

The little girl in her pink dress
Sits on her mothers lap
As her mother reads she dreams
Of being a princess in a magic land
But now she sits alone
And her dress is completely black
because she went to the dark side and is never going back

The Girl in the Black Dress

As she walks her black dress flows
Her beauty is beyond compare
In her hand she holds a rose
She slowly tucks it in her hair
She gets bored of the dance
She runs outside onto the lawn
She can escape this is her chance
She is so tired she lets out a soft yawn
She hears some one coming and runs into the maze
Soon she is lost all alone
She can't get out she has tried so many ways
She lays and falls to the ground with a yawn

Her head on the ground
She wakes up just after dawn in her soft warm bed
In her large room
It most have just been in my head
She assumes

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Middle School

I want to die I am stuck in this god damn place
The popular girls in their tiny skirts
The couples making out in the hallways
The girls fighting with their friends
People that used to be nice are now mean
Girls fight over boys
Boys are bigger idiots than before
This is hell
This is middle school

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I Hate You

I hate you
You make me so angry
You think your my friend
But you're not you bitch
You piss me off
You say I have no skill
You make fun of my art
And I am still nice to you
Why I don't know
I guess I am just that kind of person
The kind that gives you second chances
The kind that wants to kill you
But I hold it in
I stay nice
A sweet smile on my face
I am unhappy
Just want you to shut the fuck uo
Just get the hell away from me
I don't want you near me
But you think I do
You think that I enjoy your company
But I hate you being any where around
I wish you would leave
I wish you would dissapear
I wish you would go away and die
Die all alone with no one around
Sad and alone
You would die an unhappy painful death
And I would laugh
An insane evil laugh
It would make me so happy
It would make me smile

Invitation to submit to a new cultural variety webzine, Synchronized Chaos

Hi everyone, I invite all the artists in this community, and anyone else you may know, to submit artwork or writing to our new literary/artistic/cultural/nature and travel writing/scientific webzine Synchronized Chaos!

Information on the zine and how to submit, from the Facebook group :

This is all of our new brainchild, an art/cultural/literary/scientific/social commentary/essay webzine tentatively called "Synchronized Chaos" (referring to some kind of not-obviously-apparent logic that emerges spontaneously from randomnity, basically a fun way to have a theme without having a theme.)

Sort of a way to help the aspiring artists we constantly meet to get their names out there and spotlight some excellent work which should have an audience but the artists don't want to go through the publication process. And to give people committed to worthwhile causes a way to speak out or to use their personal experiences to educate others.

Everyone's invited to submit (and everything should be accepted, unless it's obscene or hateful). If you are interested please send a submission via email anytime this summer. We're working towards setting up a regular editing board and designating people to handle certain kinds of submissions, but for now you may use my email,

We're online in a rough draft form (all the artwork and writing is posted by our promised deadline but the Word Press blog still needs customization, quotes, links, and pictures to make the site more navigable) at and invite you to check it out! Think of it as a building in progress, with the scaffolding still attached but with some interesting posted architectural plans.

We are not a paying market as of yet but hope to become one as we grow and sell advertising and/or host contests. The magazine's online contents will remain free to provide artists and writers with the greatest level of exposure possible.

So far we have received a good variety of submissions, and look forward to more! We're also chaos_zine on LJ and would be a publishing credit for any visual artist or writer to put on his/her bio or proposal or resume.

You may either pitch or send a completed product (attachments OK but prefer writing or thumbnails or JPEG images pasted in the body of the email.) Please put "Synchronized Chaos Submission" in the subject line and please feel free to include an artist statement or bio if you would like.

Also - our magazine is as much about building community and relationships with artists as it is about publication. We'd be happy to see artists and writers post and chat with each other in chaos_zine or on the Facebook page and would be glad to comment/critique or dialogue with you about your work if you would like.