chichika123 (chichika123) wrote in teenpoetsociety,

You're Not Alone


You're Not Alone

Hot, humid cries

A cluster of sand particles float by

Trees sitting still, no wind for the mill

A little boy runs, and climbs up the hill

Reaches the top, there commences the breeze

Tired, worn out he starts to wheeze

His throat gets stuck, his breath held in

He struggles to inhale through a whole so thin

He coughs, but dry, he will never know why

He couldn’t take it in, he is going to die

Leaning over, holding and pushing his side

Gives his breathing a life of chance

To take him out of this deathly trance

Now falling down on the dirty ground

The little boy just lay with no sound

Apparently he was the only one around

A higher salvation for him was found

Astrid Dowling

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