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walk to nowhere

you are walking down a street, and you dont know what you are doing. now, you stop, you think.

--what is this?, what am i doing?, where am i going?, where am i?.

-- well, lets see... we can answer one of those questions. you are in a neighborhood, youre on a sidewalk, there are many houses beside you, and its night-time. what are you doing?. well, what were you doing, because right now you are thinking of what you are doing, or was doing. you were walking down the street. thats what you were doing.

And now that you look ahead of you, you notice something very strange. the part of the sidewalk you are on, is lighted by many streetlamps, so is the one across from you. but ahead of you, just a few meters away, there are no more lights. its dark. and you dont know what is there. because you cant see anything.

--now, we have answered 2 questions. what were the others? where are you going? well, last time you were moving, you were headed towards the darkness at the other side of the street .and the last question. what is this? this is what you are doing, this is where you are going, this is where you are. so, might as well start walking?

--ok sure.

so, you start walking towards the other side of the sidewalk. every step you take, it gets darker and darker. then, you look at the floor. the sidewalk has cracks on it, it looks really old and dirty. and then you notice your barefoot.

--thats weird.

after a few seconds of walking slowly, because, your scared of what is at the other side, you hear someone walking at the street opposite of you. you turn around and for a moment think of going over to that person and asking them where you are, but you dont, you just stand there, looking at the person. that person starts walking. starts walking the other way. starts walking opposite of the darkness. you wish you were them.

--i dont know where im going.

--YES YOU DO. you know exactly were you are going, your going into the other side of the street. so, walk.

ok, now you are still walking, but this turns out more weird than it already is. as you walk slowly, you notice that all the plants and trees around you start dying. they all slowly die and become lifeless. its scary. and you keep walking, and everything gets darker. your very scared, you know where you are going, but you dont know what is there. so, you notice now the diference between two parts of the ground. one is lighted, and another is dark. but as you are going to take another step, to go to the other side, you see another person on the other side of the street. this time, the person looks at you and waves. this time, the person is also walking towards the other side of the street. but this time, the sidewalk across from you has no darkness. the person keeps on walking, and you stay.

--how come the other side has no darkness? how come i cant cross to the other sidewalk and go the same way as that person? why do i have to keep on walking into nowhere?


--but what if i dont want to?

--THEN STAY STANDING HERE FOREVER UNTIL YOULL HAVE TO GO? because you will eventually have to.

so what do you do? you decide to keep walking. now, you take the first step into the dark, and then, the next one and the next one, now you cant see where you are, the ground is cold and wet, and you turn back and you cant see anything. your lost now. its dark.

--i dont know where i am, or what to do.


you keep walking. and now, the sidewalk ends.

--the sidewalk ends?

--yes, it ends. and now, you know what you have to do?

--keep on walking?


--but there is nowhere to go.

--yes there is, just take a step.

you take a step, and then you fall. you start falling and falling and falling. but you dont scream. your eyes are closed and you keep on falling, after a while, its like your floating. you cant feel anything. until you feel things pulling at you. you open your eyes and its plants. the rotten dead ones. they are pulling you, twisting you up, taking you down, trapping you with them in the ground. and you dont move, you dont struggle, you let them take you and then, your dreaming.

by: raquel (me)

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